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The IAM-Graph DB is structured as follows:

Terms of usage

The IAM-Graph DB is publicly accessible and freely available for non-commercial research purposes. If you are publishing scientific work based on the IAM-Graph DB, we request you to include a reference to our paper Riesen, K. and Bunke, H.: IAM Graph Database Repository for Graph Based Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. In: da Vitora Lobo, N. et al. (Eds.), SSPR&SPR 2008, LNCS, vol. 5342, pp. 287-297, 2008. (SSPR '08 Paper).

Some experiments on AIDS dataset

This database defined from the AIDS Antiviral Screen Database of Active Compounds is composed of 2000 chemical compounds some of them being disconnected. These chemical compounds have been screened as active or inactive against HIV and they are split into three different sets:
Results on AIDS dataset.
Method Classification accuracy (%)
(1)Riesen and Bunke (2008) 97.3
(2)Suard et al. (2002) 98.5
(3)Vishwanathan et al. (2010) 98.5
(4)Neuhaus and Bunke (2007) 99.7
(5)Riesen et al. (2007) 98.2
(6)Graph Laplacian kernel 99.3
(7)Gauzere el al. (2012) 99.1