IAPR Technical commitee #15

History of TC15

Birth of TC15

IAPR Technical Committee #15 on "Graph based Representations" was created during the meeting of the IAPR governing board in Vienna on 27 August 1996. The scope of the new committee was of interest to a large section of people dealing with graph representations and willing to exchange algorithms and applications in this area. Several activities were planned. Quoting from the original document announcing the birth of this Techincal Committee:

Past and present chairmen

The first chairmen of the TC-15 have been:

For the current biennium (2016-2018) the president is Prof. Pasquale Foggia (University of Salerno), which has been officially appointed to this charge during the meeting of the IAPR-TC Governing Board held in Cancun in December 2016.

First Workshops

The IAPR-TC15 Workshop on Graph-based Representations in Pattern Recognition (GbR) is a biennial workshop organized by the IAPR TC15. These workshops provide a forum for presenting and discussing research results and applications in the intersection of pattern recognition and image analysis on one side and graph theory on the other side. They also constitute an important moment of aggregation for the members of TC15, that use these opportunities for discussing and planning the future activities of the technical committee.